180 Shooter: 5 Steps to Shooting 90% from the Free Throw Line, 50% from the Floor and 40% from the 3-Point Line

180 Shooter Training Program

A 180 Shooter is a great shooter. In 2007-08, only five NBA players shot 180%: Steve Nash, Jose Calderon, Kyle Korver, Jason Kapono and Peja Stojakovic.

180 Shooter has one mission: give players and coaches a tool to improve shooting. Achieving greatness in any endeavor takes effort, dedication and a plan. You do not become a great shooter by accident. Great shooters practice differently. They utilize deliberate practice: they have a well-defined task, informative feedback and repetitions (K. Anders Ericsson). 180 Shooter is a tool to enhance deliberate practice, improve practice habits and help players and teams get more out of the time they spend on the court.

Are you a Shot Taker or a Shot Maker?


What did you shoot last season?


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